About Us

Small Farm Services is owned and operated by Graham and Trudi Lund and offers a range of services to assist with the maintenance of small to medium life style properties and hobby farms.

Small Farm Services is also the West Australian distributor for Villiers powered products: The Villiers range of products is manufactured to meet a high quality and reliability standard and is backed up by a 2 year factory warranty, so if you are looking for a fire pump, pressure cleaner or generator etc in petrol or diesel you can’t go past the Villiers brand for quality and value.

Please feel free to contact Graham to get a no obligation free quotation to supply any of the products and services listed.

tick Quality roof top sprinkler systems supplied and fitted with 3G/GSM remote operations allowing the system to be operated by mobile phone from any location that has network coverage.

tick Auto-start diesel water pump units for stand alone water supply if scheme water and power is not available.

tick Solar powered electric gate opener kits supplied and fitted

tick Qualified diesel mechanic can carry out light machinery repairs and servicing to a range of equipment used on hobby farms including mowers, small tractors, stationary engines and four wheel ATV motor bikes etc. Villiers powered pumps, generators, pressure cleaners and compactors.

tick Villiers powered pumps, generators, pressure cleaners and compactors.

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