DIY Module Kits

These DIY  3G/4G modules allow you to start any diesel powered fire pump from any location that has mobile phone coverage; Simply phone or text the 3G/4G module to start your fire pump and you will receive conformation text messages to confirm a successful start and you can also text the unit to check its status.

Very user frendly, simple to program and allows you to start your roof or yard mounted sprinkler system when you are away from your property.

The unit comes pre-programed and complete with a 5 metre harness and a fitting kit which has all of the components to make the simple wiring connections required to connect it to an electric start diesel pump.

The SFS01-V2 module is fully sealed and supplied in a waterproof enclosure and can be mounted on any external wall or post, these modules have been specifically designed for this application and are very reliable.

The units are simply programmed via your mobile phone without the need for any special apps or programs this allows the SFS01-V2 to be programed and edited remotely by an authorised user with out having direct access to the unit.

So if you are looking to install a new roof top sprinkler system or upgrade and existing system this unit is simple and reliable.

Please feel free to contact Graham by email:, by phone: 0428500295 or make an enquiry via the ‘Contact Us’ link below.

tick Remote 3G/4G operated modules allows you to start and stop any electric start diesel fire pump

tick      We can supply complete pump and module kits ready to connect to an existing sprinkler system

tick      We can also supply and install complete systems.

tick      Custom modules can be manufactured for a wide range of applications with or without 3G/4G capability.

tick      If you need to remotely or automatically start a diesel engine for a special application feel free to call and discuss.









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