3G Autostart Module (for Diesel Water Pumps)


The SFS01-V2 Model is a Multi-attempt Automatic Engine Smart Switch designed to automatically [remotely] or manually start and stop the engine.SFS01-V2-3G

tick It will indicate the operational status and fault conditions, automatically shut down the engine and indicate the start engine failure by a flashing ST. FAIL LED.

tick Other functions are also visually shown via a set of LEDs located on the main PCB.

tick The SFS01-V2 Smart Switch is designed to receive start/stop commands from a specially coded SMS or via direct call from a master number(s) (free of charge).

tick It is capable of storing up to 10 master CS numbers giving you and your colleagues an opportunity to control your engine together from any place on earth where a mobile network is available.

tick The SFS01-V2 Smart Switch is fitted inside a polycarbonate IP65 rated enclosure.

tick Wired remote control of the SFS01-V2 is available through terminals RS & COM [using momentary N/O switch].

tick Programming and local operation of the 3G/4G Smart Switch is via your own mobile phone eliminating the need for special apps or software.




START and RUN Procedure

0.5 Seconds after the fuel relay is energised [wire 5], the 5 attempt start will begin its start sequence: the start relay will energise, feeding battery +ve [on wire 6 to wire 2 and thence on to the start circuit].

If the engine has not fired by the end of 1st attempt, the starter is turned off for a resting period. The sequence will then repeat up to a maximum number of start attempts.

Following a successful start,  sensed when the oil pressure switch changes its state, the start relay is de-energized and latched out to prevent reengagement of the starter with the engine running.



Relay outputs are provided for:

  •  Fuel Solenoid Output
  •  Starter Motor Output
  •  Customised outputs are available for special applications

The relays supply positive plant supply out.


Inputs are available for:

  • Low Oil Pressure [OPS]
  • Water pressure switch [WPS]
  • Wired Remote Start [RS]
  • Fuel relay override [FRO] optional
  • Battery –Ve [COM]
  • Battery +Ve [+]


Warning lights (LEDs) are provided to indicate the following;

  • LOW OIL LED [Low oil pressure alarm and S/D]
  • ST. FAIL LED [Unsuccessful start after multiple attempts and S/D]


SFS01-V2 Specifications

DC Supply: 12Vdc
Max. Standby Current: 10 mA @ 12 V
Number of attempts: 5
Pause between each attempt to rest battery: 20 sec
Hold-off timer* set for: 7 sec
Starter relay output: 12.0A max
Fuel solenoid output 3.0A max
Dimensions: 195 X 90 X 65mm
Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +55°C.
Humidity: Less Than 80% RH

3G/4G Smart Switch Specifiications

3G/4G receiver/transmitter: integrated into SFS01-V2 module.

Compatible with all Australian and many international telcos.
Receiver/transmitter frequency: 3G tri band 850/900/2100MHz 4G 800/850/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz

Max. standby current 150mA/ average 50mA
SIM Card: Standard size
SIM card must be activated and inserted by a user into de-
energised module before powering up the unit.

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