Rooftop Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler in action low res

Our systems can be connected to your scheme water supply or can be connected to your own tank and pump supply which is the preferred option as scheme supply can be unreliable during a bush fire.

The sprinkler system can be operated using a simple on/off ball valve or we can supply and fit an SFS01-V2 Dual band 3G/4G system which enables you to turn the system on and off and monitor the system using a mobile phone.

This SFS01-V2 3G/4G unit is an engine smart controller that was developed by Small Farm Services specifically to start a Diesel water pump unit so that one call or text to the 3G/4G unit will start the diesel pump and activate the sprinkler system. These fire pumps are usually connected to a water tank or pool so that a loss of scheme water and power will not prevent the operation of the sprinkler system.

This SFS01-V2 system will operate from any location that has mobile network coverage; it is user friendly and is installed in a compact sealed box that can be mounted on any external wall or post etc.

The sprinklers used are specially designed for commercial use, and are extensively used in commercial irrigation systems. They are reliable, do not get corrosion build up like brass sprinkler can which can seize butterfly sprinklers and prevent them from operating correctly. These irrigation sprinklers can work with low flow and pressure rates and have adjustable orifices so the sprinklers can be setup to suit most applications without the need for pump up grades. The sprinklers are designed to produce a large droplet size, which minimises drift and they have a large coverage area.
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